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"An individualized approach to mastery learning and enhanced confidence."

   Initial Assessment   
    Victory Tutorial Service is assessment-driven, and we offer an Initial Diagnostic Assessment for the following subject areas 
    for students in grades kindergarten through 8:

   Planned Instruction
    Parents will receive the results of the Initial Diagnostic Assessment which will outline both strengths and weaknesses your child 
    may be experiencing within the assessed subject area. Based upon these results, a four-week individualized instructional program 
    will be planned for your child and targeted to address and strengthen the specific skills where challenges exist.Students are matched 
    with a tutor best suited for their grade level and subject area. The framework for each program is designed through the use of our 
    Tiered Learning System™.
   Follow-Up Assessment
   Each tutorial program is designed to span a four-week increment. At the fourth session of each increment, a reassessment will be                  administered to evaluate and monitor the steady progression of instruction, retention levels, and mastery learning over the 
   past weeks of instruction within the increment. Parents will receive a Summary Report highlighting strengths developed over the 
   sessions within the increment as well as goals for continued skill building through tutoring over the next rostered increment. 

   Victory Tutorial Service is a 12-month program, so tutoring increments may be re-rostered consistently for increased academic           
   performance and continued confidence building.

   Note: To ensure the best results, we recommend at least four consecutive incremental programs. 

Phonemic Awareness / Phonics
Reading Comprehension
Grammar / Language Arts
Spelling / Vocabulary
Improved Performance = Enhanced Confidence!